Redpath Buchanan

J Redpath Buchanan & Co Ltd Environmental & Sustainability Policy

This policy statement sets out our environmental and sustainability commitments. It has been endorsed by the Board of Directors and is consistent with our statutory policies.

It is underpinned by the commitment of the Board of Directors, Departmental Managers, Construction and Office Staff who aim to reduce harmful impact on the environment.

Everyone working for Redpath Buchanan or on our behalf is urged to support this statement.

This policy statement updates and replaces all previous statements. It will be reviewed regularly by the Board of Directors and, if necessary, a revised version will be issued to reflect the latest developments. The Board of Directors will communicate this policy and any developments in an appropriate and effective way.

1. Introduction

Organisations of all kinds are, increasingly, determined to achieve and demonstrate sound environmental performance by controlling the impact on the environment of their activities, products and services. They do so in the context of growing environmental awareness, increasingly stringent legislation and other factors promoting environmental protection and best practice.

Redpath Buchanan is concerned about the environment and recognises that good environmental management must be an integral and fundamental part of our business strategy, we aim to integrate sustainability considerations into all our business decisions.

2. Scope of Policy Statement

This statement applies to all parts of Redpath Buchanan. It covers all buildings, goods and services used and provided and everyone working for us. It covers the immediate impacts of our activities and policies.

3. Environmental Commitments

This policy supports the United Kingdom's strategy for sustainable development. It sets out a programme of continuous improvement to reduce the harmful impacts of our operations on the environment and to prevent pollution.

In the course of our operations and within resource constraints, we will improve our environmental performance by:



Management - Regulations

Management - Communication

Management - Purchasing

Management - Estates

Management - Environment

Immediate Control Measures

All employees are urged to operate good practice with regard to environmental issues, these simple measures include,


Resources will be allocated to ensure adequate training provision is made to ensure that all staff are made aware of their environmental commitments.


A management review meeting will take place once a year to ensure that this policy is still relevant and covers all relevant legislation. An internal audit will take place annually to ensure that our environmental commitment is being correctly undertaken

Mary Grant
J Redpath Buchanan & Co Ltd
27 January 2012